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Who We Are

We at the Million Mile Project understand that treatment is only half the battle. The steps to reaching that point and the steps that follow to maintain sobriety are often the most daunting.

When you connect with the Million Mile Project, you will be connecting with someone with personal experience with the journey of addiction and recovery, whether they have faced the struggle or experienced the battle through a loved one’s journey.

We are here to lift the burden of getting on your feet and living a life of sobriety that is so often met with deflating obstacles.

With your help, we are able to bring hope and structure to those that need it most.

Your generous contributions to The Million Mile Project enables us to support the journey of an individual from active addiction to recovery, as they embark on the daunting task of rebuilding their life. Your contribution plays a crucial role in our ability to support individuals and families as they embark on a sustainable life of sobriety. 

Our commitment is:

To walk with each person from start to freedom, for a million miles and more.

What We Do


Substance use disorder recovery necessitates a holistic approach, addressing addiction and mental health concerns to foster long-term healing and resilience.


Unstable mental health can exacerbate addiction, creating a cycle where individuals rely on substances to find temporary relief from psychological distress.


Trauma frequently serves as a catalyst for addiction, as individuals may turn to substances as a means of coping with overwhelming emotional pain and stress.

Our Mission

The Million Mile Project’s purpose is to meet those struggling with Substance Use Disorder and mental illness, to walk the journey with each person from start to freedom, for a million miles and more. Our mission is to provide proper tools and resources around connection, mentorship, education, health, healing, and structure to empower and restore hope for a successful life in recovery.

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A Letter From Our Founder

There are several loved ones and circumstances over the years that have influenced my desire to serve the field of drug addiction and recovery. Having witnessed firsthand the struggles one faces in their journey to sobriety and the subsequent challenges of rebuilding their lives with limited resources and a system that often fails them, I am acutely aware of the uphill battle one endures. The countless barriers experienced when attempting to regain stability can be disheartening, often leading to a continuous vicious cycle. It’s hard watching someone you love struggle and not know where to turn.


It is with that understanding that The Million Mile Project was established – to provide support for individuals and families navigating the journey to a sustainable life of sobriety. Gaining entry into a suitable rehabilitation program is just the first hurdle, and it can come at an exorbitant cost to families. However, the challenges continue even after completing the program. The real work is ahead. I have witnessed countless individuals and several loved ones struggle under immense stress during this time.


The purpose of The Million Mile Project is to assist individuals in gaining access to long-term treatment programs and offer guidance during their transition to rebuilding their lives. Through scholarships for treatment and post-treatment support, we aim to alleviate the overwhelming burden, instill hope, and help individuals rediscover purpose in their lives where it may have previously been absent.


Our commitment is “To walk with each person from start to freedom, for a million miles and more.”

Lauren Cashatt

Lauren Cashatt

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